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The Wolf mural

Tiverton Primary School

The children of Tiverton Primary School recently met (September 2013) their new, larger than life playmate - The wolf.

The idea for the mural came about following a meeting with head teacher Resham Mirza who was keen to commission an inspiring artwork for the key stage two playground.

Press: Haringey Independent

Hungry? New mural for breaktime games at Tottenham school: A new mural at a school in Tottenham has answered t... — Haringey Independent (@Haringey_Indy) September 10, 2013

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Tiverton Primary School KS2 playground with wolf

The central position and scale of the wall (7m w x 5.5m h), viewable from Seven Sisters Road demanded a showpiece, an artistic statement which the school could be proud of... My number was up if I couldn't dream up a good idea for this one!

Three clocks were to remain on the wall. The element of time was something I could either incorporate in the design or work around. Playing with the idea of childhood games for inspiration, I made the link between the clocks and What's the time Mr. Wolf? and with that, found the perfect character - A bold and beautiful wolf.

The wolf has an ability to thrill and terrify all at once. It's an appealing character, diversely represented in childrens fiction. Consultation with the Tiverton pack; years 4, 5 and 6 quickly identified that the children loved the idea of the wolf. This exciting opportunity to hear their views also helped me to understand the impact of the design - The wolf represented both the villain and the guardian to the kids. Talk of imagery more gothic in style was discussed with the incorporation of prey and ravens, but I was keen to see her hold a quiet stillness, showing strength and independence. I wanted the character to represent important social values around friendship, family and respect.

The mural hopefully allows us to project our own ideals on the type of character it may be. For me, she has always been a beautiful and intelligent female ... naturally. Once painting was underway and having been asked How is the muriel going? a few too many times... I decided to call her Muriel. A boy from a year 5 class enthusiastically announced Lets call the wolf Steve! But the best outcome, was to hear two classes suggest that the wolf could become the schools protector. How cool is that!

The reference to DINNER TIME! on first impressions, plays on the idea that the children are the perfect midday snack, more interestingly, I like to think it binds the children into a friendship with the wolf whereby they become trusting playmates, teasing each other with a fantasy of anticipation and chase.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the kids at Tiverton Primary School for their amazing enthusiasm, support and wolfie facts - Dinner time has never been so good!



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